Sunday, October 23


 look at my dog closing her tiny eyes

 her diamond jewelry is showing... and its beautiful on her

look at the chic background i made

{ Outfit : t shirt -, jeans - forever 21 }

This is the first time i ever have a set for my photos. Its like a mini photo shoot haha I was using it for the background for my french project. Don't ask why it looks like a homeless persons house. Sorry my hair is a mess in this picture. But i do like messy careless updo's these days. Since my hair is getting too long and i want to cut it all off. I also wanted to do an outfit post because i really like this t shirt and how i cut the neck part. I really want to cut my hair. Short too, so i can just leave it and let it do its own thing and not be in my way. My bangs are soo annoying. Leave a comment below about what kinds hairstyle you think i should get. :)


  1. You dog is sooo cute and bedazzled!

  2. The dog is so cute! :) Fantastic!
    We love your outfit too...

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. Nice photos and blog! Beautiful dog. :)

  4. The picture of your dog is so sweet :)

    Have a nice weekend !


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