Tuesday, October 4

Working in Ze Garden

 me planting with my messy hair. i saw in another fashion blog that she likes to tuck her hair into her sweater. i am quite liking it too.
 raspberry parfaits!! the coolest name for a flower. i would so want that name if i were a flower.
 mon chien ( my dog in French )

 le snail
la work table

A couple weeks ago me and my mum planted the most coolest flowers ever. They were names raspberry parfaits. Sadly they didnt smell like them but the name was just enough to make my day. Recently i felt left out since i moved to a farther away house from all my friends, But on this weekend i realized to just be happy and that i get to plant these cooleo flowers and hang out in my huge backyard, listen to music, and chill out. How have you guys been feeling lately???

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