Friday, October 14

ombred it!

 { Outfit: t shirt - hong kong, cardigan - forever21, jeans - Gap, shoes - converse }

My lovely doggie (so photogenic isnt she?)

Finally i ombred my hair. is that even how u spell it? A while back i was questioning the whole thing. Remember, remember?! Well if you don't i'll leave a link on the bottom. It was supposed to be a turquoise color but now its just all blond :( oh well... atleast people know the intent of how it's supposed to look. People are like " I like your hair! " Not that i'm bragging or anything. hehe the great thing is that if i dont want it anymore i could just cut it all off. Now off to photography classes tomorrow! it just started. see ya!

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  1. Jolies photos! Biz:)

    Angela Donava


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